Sahil Bhopal: Karma Gadri Thangka Artist

Sahil Bhopal is a contemporary Thangka painter, trained in the Karma Gadri style by the master artist, Mr. Noedup Rongae.

Having lived and studied in the Shambhala Art school inside the Drukpa Kagyu monastery, Dechen Chokhor in India, Sahil has a direct and continuous connection with the artistic lineage of Indian and Tibetan Buddhism. 

He is known as a meticulous artist whose dedication to his practice establishes him in the next generation of painters for the Tibetan Buddhist lineages. This recognition has led to commissions of his paintings from around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Sahil Bhopal: Karma Gadri Thangka Artist”

  1. Honestly Speaking , Sahil is a dedicated Artist… Skillful Strokes …Illuminating Thoery … Focus on Aesthetic Ideal … He paints excellently .
    His Art Work holds fast a didactic motive …
    Perfectly speaking of “Buddhism faith ” …
    Myriad of Colours used , which transcends one beyond this living world ….
    My belief system says that Sahil’s Midas touch his sheer hardwork is outstanding ….


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